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Business and Marketing Web Radio Show featuring Robert MacDonald and Kevin Bombino
Gangster is an attitude. It's about producing results, ignoring what doesn't matter and putting money in the bank. Read The Gangster Manifesto.

Episode 015: Linking Directly To My Money Site?

Filed Under: Myth-Busting, Length: 5:38
The guys bust the myth about linking directly to money sites.
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Episode 014: Sick Submitter

Filed Under: Software Tools, Length: 4:52
The guys rave about SEO Tool Sick Submitter and tell you to get it.
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Episode 012: Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Filed Under: SEO, Length: 4:18
The guys tell you all you need to know about title tags and meta descriptions.
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Episode 011: Picking Domain Names

Filed Under: Internets, Length: 7:01
The guys tell you how to pick the perfect domain name for your next project.
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Episode 010: Making Your Site Look Good

Filed Under: Internets, Length: 4:30
The guys share some basic advice on making your site look good.
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