Gangster Profit

Business and Marketing Web Radio Show featuring Robert MacDonald and Kevin Bombino
Gangster is an attitude. It's about producing results, ignoring what doesn't matter and putting money in the bank. Read The Gangster Manifesto.

Episode 020: Buddy's Bad Idea

Filed Under: Business, Length: 4:14
The guys tear into Kevin's buddy's business idea and talk about why it's a bad first business.
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Episode 019: Your Business Idea

Filed Under: Business, Length: 4:11
The guys challenge the conventional wisdom that entrepreneurs need a unique idea.
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Episode 018: Putting Sites on Separate IP Addresses?

Filed Under: Myth-Busting, Length: 7:14
The guys bust the myth that you need to put your sites on separate IP addresses.
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Episode 017: What Caused That Ranking Change?

Filed Under: Myth-Busting, Length: 7:57
The guys rip on people who naively attribute ranking changes to some random factor that they think is the cause.
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Episode 016: Duplicate Content Penalty?

Filed Under: Myth-Busting, Length: 4:01
The guys bust the myth of the duplicate content penalty.
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