Gangster Profit

Business and Marketing Web Radio Show featuring Robert MacDonald and Kevin Bombino
Gangster is an attitude. It's about producing results, ignoring what doesn't matter and putting money in the bank. Read The Gangster Manifesto.

Episode 025: Hosting

Filed Under: Internets, Length: 3:56
The guys tell you where to host your websites.
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Episode 024: Moving the Free Line

Filed Under: Marketing, Length: 4:06
The guys talk about giving your best stuff away for free.
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Episode 023: SEO Software For Mac

Filed Under: Software Tools, Length: 1:29
The guys talk about SEO Software that can run on a Mac. Hint: there isn't any.
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Episode 022: Increasing Opt-In Rates

Filed Under: Marketing, Length: 4:43
The guys tell a listener how to increase opt-in rates on his webpage.
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Episode 021: Trademarks in Domain Names

Filed Under: Internets, Length: 4:34
The guys discuss the do's and don'ts of using trademarks in domain names.
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