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Business and Marketing Web Radio Show featuring Robert MacDonald and Kevin Bombino
Gangster is an attitude. It's about producing results, ignoring what doesn't matter and putting money in the bank. Read The Gangster Manifesto.

Episode 030: Bitcoin Part 1

Filed Under: Internets, Length: 15:31
The guys talk about Bitcoin, an exciting new online currency.
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Episode 029: How Do I Get More Traffic To My Blog?

Filed Under: Internets, Length: 10:49
The guys answer a live listener's question about getting more traffic to a well established blog.
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Episode 028: The Network That Wasn't

Filed Under: Business, Length: 0:02
The guys talk about an ambitious project that wasn't meant to be.
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Episode 027: Video for SEO

Filed Under: SEO, Length: 2:49
The guys answer a listener question about using Video in SEO.
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Episode 026: oDesk

Filed Under: Outsourcing and Automation, Length: 7:22
The guys tell you how to get (cheap) work done overseas.
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