Gangster Profit

Business and Marketing Web Radio Show featuring Robert MacDonald and Kevin Bombino
Gangster Manifesto

We made this site because we're tired of seeing aspiring business owners being led down the wrong path, thinking that getting 1,000 Twitter followers is all they have to do while their companies bleed money. We think everyone should make money like a gangster, and this is how you do it:

  1. Focus on Profit.

    Your Facebook fans, Twitter followers, or even Revenue numbers don't mean anything unless you have Profit to back it up. Focus your every move on putting cash in the bank.

  2. Test.

    Split-test everything. Constantly try new pricing strategies, marketing methods, headlines, follow-ups, advertising media, etc. If you haven't tested something, you do not know if you're doing it right.

  3. Copy From Your Competitors.

    They've already fumbled around and found a working system, so when in doubt, copy! If you're starting a Pizza Delivery business, you will be doing yourself a real favor by copying all your competition's most successful tactics. Steal wholesale, then add your own spin to it.

  4. Diversify.

    You become a better businessperson by learning many different kinds of businesses. So don't just start one business, start several.

  5. Outsource and Automate.

    We can only achieve the next level in business once the current level is systematized to the point where we no longer work within it. Automating tasks with scripts and macros is our preferred solution, and if a computer really can't do it, hire an outsourcer. If you can't find a way to remove yourself, then it's a bad business.

  6. Bootstrap.

    We try to make money in our businesses right from day one. We also generally spend less than $1000 while launching any new business. This keeps our risk to a minimum and allows us to spread our money across multiple projects. It also forces us to solve problems creatively and learn new skills instead of hiring out.