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Episode 032: Wishlist Member

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The guys talk about Wishlist Member, and awesome WordPress plugin for membership sites.


K: What’s up guys?

R: How’s it going?

K: We just want to do a brief episode about a piece of software called, Wishlist Member. Well, Wishlist Member is a plug-in for Wordpress that basically can turn any Wordpress blog into a full-on membership site.

So, let’s say that you’ve got a...pretty much, let’s say you’ve got a blog and you want to create a special gold VIP members area where they get access to posts that the normal people don’t get. Wishlist Member makes this incredibly easy. It’s just like any other Wordpress plug-in. You throw it in, you activate it. You set up a bunch of pages on your Wordpress to be the Log-in page. You know, kind of like the Welcome page, the You Have Been Signed Out page. Kind of create all those, and then you pretty much have a membership site, more or less, right out of the box. It’s pretty awesome.

R: Yeah. When you installed on one of those...on that site last week, it probably only took you like half an hour to get everything pretty much up and running. I mean, there are some things you had to do to specialize different pages and stuff, but for the most part, it didn’t seem like it took that long.

K: I had never even used it before, and I got it completely set-up in about less than an hour or pretty close to an hour, I would say. I mean, it helps if you understand Wordpress. Like if you know how to make a page on Wordpress, if you know how to install a plug-in, but it was real simple.

R: Obviously, you have to have a pretty good working knowledge of Wordpress, which is just something on its own that you have to know order to use most plug-ins and stuff like that, but, yeah. It’s pretty awesome. You go to the page. You fill-in your log-in information. It makes your site look very professional.

Honestly, I had no idea that it was even running on Wishlist Member. I thought it was like something that you would like hand code it out yourself for some reason.

K: Yeah. I think if you have a Wordpress blog, you should consider a...create like a gold VIP members area as a monetization strategy.

R: Yeah, absolutely.

K: Because it’s so easy to do.

R: Yeah. At the very least, get it and play around with it because it’s a good tool to have in your arsenal. If you ever need to hide content from people or some different...anything like that. It’s a good thing to have your access.

K: Yeah. I fully haven’t played with all the options, but it lets you have like different subscription levels, you can do different kinds of upsells, you can drip content. There’s a lot of like...actually, I’m not a hundred percent sure. You can drip content by having people stairstep from level 1 to level 2 to level 3 based on time. So, it’s pretty cool.

It also integrates with PayPal and a number of shopping cart type things if you’re trying to do paid content.

R: Yes. That’s awesome. So check it out at the link underneath this thing.

K: Yup.


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