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Episode 031: Stalk Your Customers

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The guys share a secret ... stalking your customers is a good thing.


K: Hey, what’s up?

R: Hey, what’s going on?

K: This is Kevin from Gangster Profit.

R: This is Bobby from Gangster Profit.

K: I just want to throw out a quick tidbit of something that I did with one of my businesses yesterday that I think could be useful for you. What I did was I had an outsourcer from oDesk go down our customer list and Google everybody’s name. Basically, I have in my customer list their name, their company name and their email address. Now, a lot of these people, for their company name, will put some kind of abbreviation that you have no idea what it is. Like, ODR Corporation. Like that could be a number of things, right? And there’s probably like more than one ODR Corporation in the world.

So, what I wanted to do was get some kind of feel for what industries my customers are in. And there’s no easy way to just get that from our customer list and I think it’s kind of weird to kind of try to e-mail your customers and ask them what industry they’re in.

So, what I actually did was I had an outsourcer from oDesk to just look at their name, their company name, their e-mail address, because oftentimes it’s at their domain, and their address and just Google these people and try to find their companies. And then based on that, I had the outsourcer just write down what industry the company’s in.

Now, I have a beautiful pie chart that tells me, oh, it turns out the biggest segment of my customers is in construction. And I had no clue. Now, I can focus on my marketing toward construction specific blogs or stuff like that.

So, just one little tidbit I just wanted to give you is if you don’t know who your customers are, see if you can use the information you do have to learn a little bit more about them.

R: Yeah, that’s definitely true. I mean, obviously, the best solution if you really want that information is just to ask them upfront when they sign up or something like that. I mean, most people don’t mind filling in one extra form if know, if it’s valuable to you, depending on the sign-up process and things like that.

But, yeah, obviously, I Google people’s e-mail addresses all the time. It’s interesting what you can find out about people just by seeing wherelse they...what kind of online social accounts they have and the different things they share to people and stuff like that. And it is really important to know your customer because that’s how you sell to people. What kind of personality type they are.

K: Yeah. I mean, I wouldn’t exclude sending out a full survey. But I think if you’re going to send out a survey, you should probably ask more questions that are actually...give them some kind of motivation to fill out your survey. Actually ask about your product and then you can ask about other things too.

R: Yeah. You could always offer them some kind of a discount too. Fill out the survey and get 5% off the next month or something like that, depending on what your product is or whatever.

K: Yeah. Or give them a free e-Book or something.

R: Yeah, whatever. That’s cool.

K: Yeah. I just think that it’s a pretty gangster thing to do to kind of sneaky, sneakily check-up on your customers. Kind of learn a lot.

R: Stalk your customers.

K: Stalk your customers.


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