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Episode 029: How Do I Get More Traffic To My Blog?

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The guys answer a live listener's question about getting more traffic to a well established blog.


Listener: Alright, Gangster Profit. So, I have a site that’s got a lot of unique quality content. I have a lot of loyal readers. I’m just now starting to monetize it and I’m realizing that I can actually make solid money. Now, I need to get more traffic, go more mainstream. I kind of want to have a game plan for the effort I put in to it, I’ll get the most bang for my buck traffic-wise. If you guys have any tips, let me know please.

K: Alright. Well, this is kind of the same issue that we’re facing with the Gangster Profit site, which is that we think the content is pretty awesome and we kind of think that tens of thousands of people should be listening to it, but we don’t have quite that many. We’d like to kind of grow it a little bit.

R: That’s true. Well, yeah. For one thing, so you’ve got a fairly loyal fan base and you get those people kind of organically, but you want to find a way to start getting new visitors. You feel like you’ve tapped out your initial traffic source for the most part and you want to branch out into new areas.

Well, if you’re not doing SEO, that’s obviously the first place that we always go. And the reason for that is multiple reasons. One, SEO’s very easy to figure out exactly what kind of people you’re going after based on the keyword. But more importantly, if you’re looking to make money, you can choose specific keywords that you know are going to be more buyer-oriented, which is going to be extremely more valuable traffic than whatever you’ve currently got.

So, the first thing you want to do is do some keyword research. Find out exactly who your target customer would be. Who’s the perfect person that you want to stumble upon your <???>

That’s horrendous.

K: That’s real bad.

R: That was awful.

A person. Someone who is...has potentially money or is really looking to buy something. Do they have a real need and how strong and, like, burning is their emotional desire? How fast are they going to be willing to buy it if someone presents them with a solution?

So, that’s the way I always look at keywords. What kind of burning desire does that person have?

K: Yeah. So, basically, here’s kind of the slight flaw in your question, which is that you’re looking for more traffic. But, really, what you should be more looking for is more eventual customers that buy your product or service. We would love to have tens of thousands of people subscribing to this show, but what we would much rather have is a hundred people buying our SEO product. I mean, I’d rather have one person buy our SEO product than 10,000 subscribers and no buyers.

R: Yeah, exactly. If Bill Gates stumbled upon our site and decided that he, for some reason, wanted to buy our shit for a hundred million dollars, that would be much better than getting a hundred million random visitors.

So you always need to think in terms of dollars in your pocket and who’s actually coming and hitting your site and how much can you make in the end. Not necessarily in terms of people who come by, check out your site, and leave, and maybe subscribe, but aren’t...

What’s your overall customer value? What’s the lifetime value of a customer? Over the course of a couple years, how much money can you, on average, get per visitor to your site? So that’s why SEO’s valuable because you can target the specific people that you want and try to increase that visitor value.

K: Right. So that’s...SEO’s certainly one way to go about it. Actually, while we’re on the subject of SEO, we should mention that what you should do is some kind of keyword research and figure out what keywords are out there being searched for.

I mean, when we do these Gangster Profit episodes, we kind of shoot from the hip and just talk about whatever the listener question was. But if wanted to be really smart, we can go on and actually do some keyword research and figure out what SEO topics are people searching for and we could do episodes that are specific to that and we could try to rank those episodes for those keywords.

R: Yeah. I mean, that’s kind of part of the plan. We like doing things that are entertaining. We like answering questions that we think are good questions. But, also, I think we try sometimes to sprinkle in some keyworded questions or specific questions that we think people could find as through the serpson.

I think it’s good to do a little bit of a hybrid strategy because if you’re only going after keyworded questions, then you’re content are going to seem a little stiff and it’s probably not going to be best for a reader who’s browsing around your site. It’s going to be built all for search engines.

But you want to have a little bit of both. So that way, you can browse through the site and you like it. Or you can find the site through the serps and stumble on around and read on more.

K: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, I think a good example site of this is one of the dieting based blogs I read. It’s called He has a number of articles that are just like him talking about some random food-related thing that came up, but he also has a good number of articles that are clearly keyworded and trying to rank for certain types of healthy eating type searches.

So, if you’ve got a blog where you haven’t built any specific entries that are trying to rank for some of the more hot button areas, you might want to try doing that.

R: Yeah. And, I mean, beyond that? I don’t know. We like SEO a lot.

You can always try running pay-per-click if you want to on certain things if you have really strong sales funnel and you find that you can already get a very high visitor value for the visitors on your site. That’s another question though because the eventual answer is that you want to make your site convert high enough so that you make enough money off your average visitor that you can continue to go out there and buy and buy more traffic. Because if your average visitor is worth a thousand dollars, then you can spend up to a thousand dollars in order to acquire each visitor.

So, it’s really about looking at your sales funnel. Figuring out how much you can get out of everybody. And then figuring out what traffic strategies you can afford at that point.

K: Yeah. But there are a couple other things that I would throw out here that are kind of specific to this question. You can always do some kind of attempt to go viral. You could make a post that for some reason is going to get shared by a lot of people on Facebook or on Twitter or via e-mail or whatever.

Like, an example of this is the Ok Cupid blog. I mean, they write these just incredibly interesting posts and they just get shared on Facebook, Twitter. I mean, people send them all over the place. Typically, when they come out with a new post, I hear about it from at least 10 people.

R: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, that just comes down to having very high quality content, which if you already do, you’re doing a pretty good job as it is. But maybe you could focus on making something a little bit more shareable and a little bit more Facebook friendly or whatever.

Also, other good things to do are creating some kind of a tool or application or whatever that people find useful. And if you can promote that kind of the same way, word of mouth or whatever on Facebook. If that works, that’s awesome. A lot of it comes down to creativity and thinking outside the box.

Also, if you can reach out to other bloggers and see if they’d be willing to share one of your articles on their site and then have a link to your own site because those are...if you can get posted up on similar blogs that talk about the same stuff, it’s an easy way to start splitting up customers with your friends or your business associates, competitors, whatever.

K: Yeah. I mean, it can be with anybody. Just offer you’ll put up their article on your blog and they’ll put one up on theirs. One of your articles up on theirs.

R: Yeah. And it’s a win-win for everybody because certain people like certain sites or certain voices of authors and other people like others. So, it gives you the opportunity to be introduced to the competitor and maybe some of his customers will like your voice a little bit better, maybe some of your customers will like his voice a little bit better. So, both of you end up increasing your overall customer value because you found more people that are in to you.

K: Yeah. And don’t feel like you’re necessarily having to endorse somebody if you’re going to put them on your blog. You could always do it as an interview. And if it’s someone you don’t like, you can even make it a somewhat harsh interview if you want. I mean, it’s still going to get their people on to your blog reading the thing because they’ll probably link to it.

R: Yeah, absolutely. Another thing is just don’t be afraid to cause a stir. Call people out if you want. I mean, whatever. Raise hell on the internet and get people talking about you because, as they say, like no publicity is bad publicity or whatever. I mean, there’s probably an extent to that, but at the same time you can...if you’re not aggressively getting involved in the conversation with different people, then you’re missing out on a lot of customers and a lot of exposure.

K: Yeah. Do you remember what it is that ShoeMoney ranks for? ShoeMoney ranks like number 6 for some incredibly big company where it just has a post bashing them. Do you know what I’m talking about?

R: I know he ranks for a lot of big stuff. I know he used to rank for American Express or Visa Black Card. He used to rank for in some other stuff. He writes reviews on companies all the time.

Yeah, ShoeMoney’s the best at doing this though, I think. Because he will call people out in the industry. He’ll write like exposes on people that he’s had bad business opportunities with. He’ll start ranking for their name and their companies and different products and things like that.

It’s a great way for him to get links, in the first place, from high authority blogs who actually found the information interesting and wanted to spread it around. And also the readers because he ranks for those keywords too.

K: Yeah. The one thing I can’t stress enough is just do more link building. The more authority your blog has in general, is the better your new pages are going to rank for all these new things that you’re trying to rank for.

R: Yeah. Well, that’s all I got right now.

K: Alright. Well, hope those tips help you get some more traffic.

R: Yeah. I mean, there’s a million things that we could talk about but, yeah, that’s hopefully a good start.


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