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Episode 027: Video for SEO

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The guys answer a listener question about using Video in SEO.


K: What role does video play in an SEO strategy?

R: Well, that's an interesting question. Personally, I don't think that we do very much video in terms of our own websites...

K: Yeah, we don't really do any video.

R: But, there's a lot of people out there that actually do a ton of video and are extremely successful with it, and we probably should do more video to be completely honest.

A buddy of ours has a site that he promoted almost entirely through Youtube in the beginning and by ranking Youtube videos in Google, so that's obviously a really powerful way to get people to your site. I mean, they say that most of the traffic on the internet is watching videos... I mean, obviously that's because of bandwidth measurements or something. But people are watching videos obviously all day long on Youtube and it's one of the biggest search engines. I think it's probably as used as anything out there, probably bigger than Bing is just people searching on Youtube.

K: It's definitely up there. Yeah I mean the thing about Youtube is that Google loves ranking Youtube videos just in the main Google search as well.

R: Yeah. So a lot of the time it can be easier. Especially if you see that video box in the top of a search result, and it's one of those SERPs that would be very tough to rank a site for, it might not be hard to get one of your videos in one of those top four video slots. All you have to do with that is backlinking, same as anything else. So that's definitely a strategy.

K: Yeah I think most people don't realize this, is getting your stuff to rank higher on youtube, you just backlink just like with any other SEO.

R: Yeah exactly. And it's the same thing with getting it to rank in the Google Video results is backlinking the same way. There's really no difference. It's just a matter of, I mean if you're good with video and you think it's time effective and that's one of your skills then go with it. I think that's a great opportunity.

K: Yeah if you hate video, then don't feel like you should have to do it because you don't.

R: Yeah I mean it depends where your skillset lies. We like writing stuff, we like stealing articles and content and doing all sorts of random programming type stuff, automation and things. So for us, video is a lot of time in the production so it's not really our best opportunity necessarily, but for someone who's very talented with video, is used to doing that, has all the equipment already set up and everything, it's a really easy way to get yourself ranking high in the SERPs.


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