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Episode 025: Hosting

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The guys tell you where to host your websites.


K: Alright, we want to talk about hosting.

R: Hostin’.

K: We host with a whole bunch of different people but I think that the, by far, the easiest recommendation to make is HostGator.

R: Yeah.

K: HostGator is incredibly cheap, they don’t limit you, it’s fairly reliable, their customer service is fairly good –

R: It’s quite good, I’ve found, I always get a response pretty quickly from them, at least I have in the past.

K: Yeah.

R: I mean, they’re a good solution if you’re just getting started. I mean, I don’t really see much of a reason not to go with HostGator just because of all those things. I mean, they’re, by far, the cheapest that you can find and they really do offer pretty solid service. So, you kind of can’t beat it. It’s like 7 bucks a month.

K: Yeah, I think its 8 bucks a month, but it’s totally unlimited. You can throw up as many sites as you want.

R: Yeah, so it’s crazy. I mean, yeah...I guess if it’s 8 bucks a month, and then if you want to have 20 sites on your first server or whatever, it’s totally fine. Now, the downsides are you’re sharing it with other people, but, I mean, depending on what kind of websites you have. If you don’t have a ton, ton of traffic coming in to your website, then you’re going to be absolutely fine.

K: Yeah, chances are your websites’ aren’t going to get anywhere near a large amount of traffic, at least for the first couple months.

R: Yeah, I mean, we still have the majority of our sites that aren’t...only our biggest sites are like anything necessary of not being hosted on HostGator. If you’re...I mean, what do you think would be like the daily amount of visitors that you would hit where you would want to get off shared hosting for sure?

K: Well, I don’t know if HostGator does this. I know that a lot of shared hosts, or at least they used to have a reputation for that. It’s funny, though, they’ll kind of like advertise unlimited traffic, but once you actually kind of like find a reason to kick you off. They’ll be like, “Oh, you violated our terms of service so we don’t want you anymore.” So, basically, there will be a point at which they stop making a profit on you for that $8 a month and they may kick you off or they may not and I guess it will be that point. But really, like,’re going to have to be getting thousands and thousands of hits a day for that to happen.

R: Yeah, so HostGator’s a great solution. We definitely approve of that, especially if you’re just starting out, mostly just because the cost and pretty reliable, so...

K: Well, I’ll tell you another reason why you wouldn’t want to use HostGator is if you’re trying to use complicated database type things or you want a level access that’s greater than what they can give you. You’re trying to do some crazy ass shit with the hosting set-up.

R: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, if you’re a programmer, you’re probably going to get frustrated with using HostGator, but then again if you’re a programmer, I mean, just set-up your own dedicated server, VPS , something like that, and you can do whatever the hell you want to. But if you’re just installing Wordpress, something like that, there’s absolutely going to be no reason why you should be not want to be on....

K: Yeah, the one thing that I would add is I would just suggest that you make your own regular back-ups of your sites. You know, the thing about shared hosting is they could explode at any point, and yeah, they probably have back-ups but are their back-ups as recent as you would like them to be? Maybe, maybe not. Just take your own back-ups is what I would recommend.

R: Yeah, and that’s not hard to do on HostGator and the C Panel thing. There’s just a little, there’s just like a little thing for doing back-ups for you to whatever.

K: Yeah, you should definitely do that.

R: Yeah.


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