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Episode 024: Moving the Free Line

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The guys talk about giving your best stuff away for free.


K: Now, let’s talk about moving the free line because...what the hell is a free line, Bob?

R: A free line? To be honest, I think...who came up with this concept? Was this...I know that Eban Pagan talks about it constantly. I don’t know if he invented the concept or not.

K: I have not heard it except from Eban Pagan, but I’m not sure either.

R: Yeah. Eban Pagan is an internet marketing guru who originally was a dating guru with the name, David D’Angelo, but he’s a pretty smart guy and he has some really good business advice. But this thing that he talks about all the time is this concept called, ‘moving the free line,’ which is, basically, making things more accessible to a consumer than they used to be or changing the value of what you expect to be able to get for free in exchange for the fact know, if you can offer something for free to your customers, then there’s a number of benefits that come to you:

One, you can capture their e-mail address by moving the free line and that way you can make money from them down the road in a number of different ways.

Two, a lot of people think that by offering something...well, this is a psychological principle, but by offering something to someone for free, they feel this that they owe you something in return, so they’re more likely to buy a product down the road.

So, there’s a lot of different stuff that comes along with moving the free line, but it’s a concept that especially is very taught in to the internet because as information gets more and more accessible and is cheaper and cheaper, etc., the free line continues to move and people continue to be able to get more and more stuff.

K: Yeah. I mean, that’s basically what we’re doing now to all of you guys.

R: That’s true.

K: Which is that we are giving you this entire radio show for free, pretty much just because we care.

R: Yeah, because our goal in life is to add value to the universe.

K: Well, that and the fact that you’re listening to this makes you far more likely to buy our shit.

R: Yeah, exactly. So, it’s really a long, slow, roast where we’re painstakingly selling you shit subliminally.

K: Well, we haven’t even tried to sell you anything yet, but when we do you’re going to listen to this shit that we say and you’re going to take it seriously because we’ve given you all kinds of advice that’s hopefully made you some money, thus far.

R: You’re feeling very sleepy. Take off your pants.

Yeah, yeah exactly. I mean, that’s what all this stuff is about. I mean...anybody who’s offering articles online, anybody who is doing any of that kind of stuff, getting people to listen to them, offering them free solutions, whatever, whatever, it’s all basically moving the free line. But what you need to think is how can I stack as much value as possible into what I’m offering so that my customers are really hooked? And a lot of people, Eban Pagan included, will say you should give away your best stuff for free. So the absolute best value that you can offer should be given right up front as soon as someone hits your site because that way you can really capture their attention and in the long run, you’ll maybe capture them as a follower, reader, listener, whatever and get the opt-in. The ultimate goal is always get the opt-in. It’s customer acquisition, the most difficult thing in business, the most expensive, and so, by giving your stuff away for free, you can really acquire a lot of customers very quickly.


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