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Episode 023: SEO Software For Mac

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The guys talk about SEO Software that can run on a Mac. Hint: there isn't any.


K: Well, we got a question in here about...we talk a lot about SEO programs and they seem to be all for Windows. Can we recommend any SEO software that runs on a Mac? And the answer is, basically, no.

I actually have a Mac and I love it and I think it’s wonderful but it’s just...nobody in internet marketing uses it. And I think the reason why is because a lot of people in internet marketing use outsourcers and outsourcers are poor and they can’, no one in the Philippines owns a Mac. It would just be impossible.

R: Yeah, that’s definitely true.

K: So, I just don’t think there’s a market for it. But what you can do is you can easily install something like VM-ware or Parallels on your Mac and run Windows apps on your Mac and that will totally work.

R: Yeah, or just find a friend who has Windows. You probably don’t...

K: I don’t have any friends so it wouldn’t work.

R: Yeah, whatever. Or you could have 2 computers.

K: Or you could use a VPS.

R: Yeah, you could use a VPS for sure. We heavily recommend using VPS’s, especially if you’re using SEO software and spamming people to death. Yeah, I mean, do it on a VPS and maybe do it through some proxies, for sure.

K: Yup, that’s your answer. It’s alright.

R: That’s about it. Mac fail.


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