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Episode 022: Increasing Opt-In Rates

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The guys tell a listener how to increase opt-in rates on his webpage.


K: Alright, we’ve got another reader question which is reader has a website with an e-mail list, but they don’t seem to get very many people on their site to join the e-mail list. What are some things that that reader can do or changes that he can make to increase his opt-in rate?

R: Well, the most obvious question asked is, “What are you offering to the person in exchange for them signing up for your list?” Is there anything that they...why should they be interested in signing up for your list? A lot of people will just put something like, “We have a newsletter. Sign up.” And it’s like, whoa, no. Obviously, no one cares about receiving your stupid newsletter. Like, people hate newsletters for the most part unless they actually have something tangible that they can think of that’s like a benefit that they can receive from that newsletter.

K: Yeah, just abstractly, nobody wants a newsletter.

R: Yeah. Newsletters are terrible. It sounds like junk mail, basically. But if you are offering them something that’s valuable, such as information that they want or an e-Book or a service or an application that you’re going to give them or who knows what? I mean, it all depends on your customer, obviously. The whole point is that you want to capture the customer and so you want to add them to the list. So, really, what you want to do is have a really big piece of your site, one of the biggest value adds that your site offers, be attached to them signing up for your e-mail list, in one form or another.

K: Yeah. Absolutely. So some examples of this, let’s say you’ve got a website about dieting. You could make a cookbook that has a hundred recipes that align with your diet strategy and you could give that out for free to everyone who signs up for your list.

R: Yeah. The important thing though is that a lot of people this, and they see everybody giving out an e-Book, and they think, “All I have to do is give out an e-Book and it will be good enough.” But that’s not true because there’s tons of people giving out e-Books. What you need to be really giving out is specific information that they are looking for and the worst they want it, the more people are going to sign up for your list. So, don’t think just think in terms of offering a free e-Book, because that’s what everyone does, but think of terms of offering something that the person really wants, which could be anything. Definitely, it could be an e-Book.

K: Yeah. Well, another thing is too. You don’t even have to frame it as this is a bribe to get you on my list. Just say, “Hey, I’m giving out this thing. It’s big so I have to send it to you. What’s your e-mail?”

R: Yeah, exactly. And you want to let them know that you’re signing them up for your list. And, obviously, very important, let them know that you will not spam them, that you only send out e-mails when you feel that there’s something that you can genuinely add to their life. Something like that.

K: Yeah, and then spam the shit out of them.

R: And then spam the fuck out of them. Yeah, destroy them.

K: No, no, no. Just spam them lightly.

R: Sweetly. Caress their Inbox.

K: Yeah, so a couple other things. Some people use this Wordpress Plug-in called Pop-up Dominator. It’s launches this annoying ass pop-up that tries to get people to join your list. We don’t use it but I hear that it kills.

R: Yeah. It’s supposed to be pretty good. Check it out. I would ask that if you do use Pop-up Dominator, at least, like, change the default look of it because I always see it and every God-damn Pop-up Dominator pop-up looks exactly the same. Its like, “Oh, they’re using Pop-up Dominator, too.” It’s annoying. You know? It’s like, just change, like, the background color and, like, the font and they probably, you would never know that you were using that plug-in.

Sorry, that’s just like...that’s actually completely unnecessary, non-gangster advice. It’s just a personal –

K: There are probably very few people who will notice that.

R: Yeah. It’s just a personal quirk I guess or something. I don’t know. It’s annoying. Pop-up Dominator’s good, check it out.

K: Yeah, dominate it.


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