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Episode 015: Linking Directly To My Money Site?

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The guys bust the myth about linking directly to money sites.


K: Alright. So what we want to talk about today is a common question that we get about…

R: Just about every time we talk to anyone in the Internet Marketing.

K: And basically people are… are like… well… I like the idea of using these somewhat underhanded methods to get back links but shouldn’t I be building them into something of a pyramid and not be linking directly to my money site?

R: Yes. These people, we like to call them pussies. No, I’m sorry that’s just kidding. We love these people. But they’re not testers. They’re not people who would actually go on out there and built a whole ton of scummy links right to their money site and seen what actually happens. And in fact we have done that, many many many times and I can tell you what happens, your site goes up in the rankings. And that’s just about it. So, here’s a little thing behind Google. If I could build a ton of scummy links from all sorts of bad neighborhoods all around the Internet using automated software and bring down all of my competitors that way, just by pointing those links directly at their money sites, then google would not have a very good search engine. So, obviously, they have to protect against that. The best way that they can probably do that is by; rather than taking down or punishing a website that has links that are pointing into it, at worst it’ll probably devalue those links. So it just will make them have no effect at all. At best, it’s going to raise the site in the rankings, and really the only thing that you want to do to defend, to watch out for, is linking out from your own site, because if you’re linking out from your own site to some bad neighborhoods or bad websites then they can punish you for sure.

K: Well we have seen google punish some sites for buying links but these incidents, as far as we can tell, have been largely manual actions. It may have been somewhat few and far between so, you know we might go as far as to say that we don’t necessarily recommend overtly buying links. That is you know, saying “I’m spending $100 in exchange for a link on your sites.

R: Like for instance, on a site that has the words, you know, “buy links” right down on the website, it’s probably the worst place you would want to actually go and buy a link, but, say if you want to buy and an advertisement on the side of the site, that happens to have a text link below it to your own website, that is probably no problem at all.

K: Yeah. Absolutely! I mean basically, we are just tired of hearing these people saying, “Oh well, you know, we really think the form profile backlinks are a great thing to do. We’re just afraid to run them to our main site”. And we think that’s backwards because obviously you should be running them to your main site because otherwise, what the hell is the purpose of your main site. The main site is what you’re trying to get to rank number one in google so it should be the one that you’re running the majority of your promotion to.

R: Exactly. Also, it’s really, a lot of the time these punishments that come down from google for buying links, they’re really these high profile cases. You know, they wanna punish JC Penney and then have it in the news so that people get scared and then they don’t buy links anymore or at least they handle the problem mostly from a PR perspective. It would be extremely hard for them to manage all of the different sneaky ways that people buy links because they just don’t have all that information and they never will. So…

K: And furthermore, google, it’s not, it actually kind of sucks for the users of google if they can’t find JC Penney because JC Penney is a legitimate thing that people would want to find. So google can’t say that, “Oh, we re going to punish you and take you out”, because that’s really just punishing the users of google, you know, more than anything who want to find those JC Penney products.

R: Right. We’ve really found that if you actually are building a quality site that offers real value, there’s very little that you can do to make it get punished that we’ve seen. I mean you know, don’t link out from your money site, but as far as offsite promotion that could plausibly not have been involved in your own website, or storage from your own, you know, promotions or anything like that. Anything that a competitor could plausibly have set up to promote your site in a bad way, you can basically assume that you’re not gonna get in trouble for.

K: Yeah and again, we say this only based on testing. We have run all types of links to all types of sites and we have never seen a problem. We have never seen anything happened to any of our sites based on links that are coming into it.

R: Yeah, from all of the worst types of neighborhoods, I mean, just you know random lists of links that we found on black cat world or other places and we’ll just throw them all to one money site, whatever, then check it out, and had not seen a punishment ever.


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