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Episode 014: Sick Submitter

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The guys rave about SEO Tool Sick Submitter and tell you to get it.


K: Alright. We are going to talk some more about “sick submitter.”

R: Sick submitter is our favourite submitter.

K: And it’s real sick.

So sick submitter is from It is, basically, a really cool automation program that automates the process of forum backlinking.

Forum backlinking is, basically, an idea where you can get backlinks by creating an account on random discussion forums on the internet. Typically, when you create an account on a discussion forum, you get a profile page on that forum. And typically, you can put some text on it, and you can throw links in there, which usually work.

R: Sick submitter is a very gangster approach to link building. And we approve it wholeheartedly.

K: What sick submitter does is it will basically automate end-to-end the task of creating these accounts on random forums across the internet, setting up your profile, and throwing your links into it.

R: Yeah. The only thing you have to worry about...well, sick submitter costs like $20 a month. And then, on top of that, you’re not gonna want to be sitting in front of your sick submitter filling up captchas all day. So, you can actually integrate it with a captcha solving service, such as “decapture” or “death by captcha” or a couple other ones. And then, you pay like a fraction of a cent per captcha. And it will just run all day long. And basically, those captcha services are something like a room full of Indian people sitting around typing out captchas all day long.

This is the exact opposite of a gangster profit approach, if you’re considering working for one of these captcha services.


K: Or even typing the captchas yourself, you definitely don’t want to be doing that.

R: It’s pretty much the same thing. Yeah.

So, yeah, sick submitter’s amazing because if you can...well, basically, what we did back when we were using sick submitter, our solution is we even set it up on a macro so that it would just restart and keep running all day long. And, by doing that, it’s fairly expensive because you have to pay for all the captchas. Even though the captchas are extremely cheap, when you’ve got it running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, those captchas do add up a little bit. But they more than pay for themselves in terms of rankings, because when you’re just creating massive, massive amounts of links coming into your sites, if your sites are ranking, which they will, you should be making a ton more money off that.

So, sick submitter is really a gangster solution to link building.

K: Absolutely. Now, if you count the odds for sick know, building just thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of junk forum profiles is definitely a somewhat grey area solution in terms of link building.

I would hesitate to call it spam, but some people definitely don’t take kindly to it. So, for that reason, we might recommend that you use something like “hide my ass,” which we suggested earlier, HMAVPN, which will redirect this traffic through other IP addresses so it’s not necessarily traced back to you. Or, you could look into getting a server, such as a virtual private server, or just a full server, where you run sick submitter on a machine that’s not yours.

We’ve never heard of anything bad happening to anyone. Realistically, we don’t think it’s a real concern, but if you want to really cover your ass, probably wouldn’t hurt to do that.

R: Yeah, not to mention, we’ve heard some stories. I mean, when you’re hitting all these different sites with your home computer, you potentially get some spyware or something, who knows. At the very least, probably not the best thing to just be hitting hundreds and hundreds of different websites constantly with your own computer. So it costs a little wear and tear. At best, use HMA, then you’re definitely gonna want to clean your computer regularly, with something like “seecleaner.”

And on top of that, really, you want to have it on a separate server. So that way, you’re completely cleared, and you know you’re not using it on your home computer. Not to mention, it would be a real pain in the ass to have that running on your computer because you need to be working on other stuff.

K: Yeah, it eats up a ton of resources of your computer.

R: Yeah, it’s a real beast, which is why it’s awesome at what it does. But yeah, we advise running it on some kind of VPS or something like that.

K: Yeah, and it works.

R: It works. For sure.

K: Gangster approved.

R: Gangster stamp of approval.

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