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Episode 010: Making Your Site Look Good

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The guys share some basic advice on making your site look good.


K: Alright. We want to talk a little bit about designing your site, making your site look good and using a good theme. Oftentimes for newbies, we pretty much recommend WordPress as the default content platform of choice for pretty much all your sites. Unless you have a good reason not to be doing WordPress for a site and you’re a newbie, I strongly would recommend to use WordPress. WordPress comes preinstalled with a number of different themes that you could use to totally change the way your site looks. We recommend that you definitely don’t go with the default theme.

R: Yeah, absolutely. And you probably should go out there and buy a theme somewhere. Probably the best -- just because -- I mean most of the free themes are kind of crappy and you know, if you’re making a site that you don’t care about that much, if you’re making like an auto blog or something that’s like a mass-produced site, then you could probably be just fine with the free theme. But if you’re making a site that’s like a blog that you’re actually going to spend time on, then go out and buy a theme for like 20 bucks or 30 bucks or something. Our favorite place to buy themes is

K: Yeah, I think it’s They have just tons of themes and their average price on there is about 15 bucks.

R: Yeah. But there are a couple other ones that are also really good too. Actually, That’s -- is a really very nice one, as well as

K: Yeah, ElegantThemes is good.

R: They’re actually really good. Yeah, ElegantThemes is actually one of my favorites. You should definitely check them out if you’re looking for just like a blog theme or something like that.

K: Yeah, I mean really those 3 sites should be all you need to get started finding a good theme.

R: Yeah, that’s pretty much the only places that we go to get WordPress themes if we need them and we almost always find something good. So yeah, check those out and get started with WordPress and then yeah -- I mean if you want to -- you know, you should experiment. Play around with the themes yourself. See if you can change little things up in Photoshop or something like that. Or if you want to, you know, you can hire somebody to tweak it for a couple bucks if you want to, you know, like some type of a graphic designer maybe to make your logo or something. If you need a logo, probably one of the better places to go would be like Elance or -- what are some of the other outsourcing places there?

K: Well logo is a little bit tough because you don’t want to get too much crap. I mean that could be one of the good ones, go to

R: Well yeah, it depends how much you care about your logo I guess. Yeah.

K: Yeah. I mean honestly, if you’re just starting out, you could always weep out Photoshop. That’s what I would recommend. Just slap something together.

R: Yeah.

K: Yeah, I wouldn’t be afraid to hack these themes a little bit. Tweak them a little bit. If you want the sidebar on the left instead of the right, see if you can get that to happen.

R: Yeah. And that’s the best way to really start learning about how code works and stuff like that too if you don’t know anything about HTML or PHP. Just break in to one of these themes that’s fully put together and just kind of try and figure out where each line of code lines up with what’s showing up on the page and then just kind of see what the different little blocks of text or where they’re coming from and things like that and see if you can do little things like remove the date from showing up the top of the post or something like that and just kind of take around.

K: Yeah, make your sites look good. Don’t lose the default themes. Make them look good.

R: Yeah. And yeah, it’s not that hard. The interesting thing is that some of the sites that I’ve gotten the best, like impressions from -- from people who are just like random friends that are like, “Oh so you do this internet thing? What do you do?” And I’ll like show them a site and they’ll be like, “Oh that’s so nice. How did you make that look so nice?” And it’s just like a default, like kind of theme that I bought off like Elegant Themes or something and I haven't even really changed much around on it, but it’s enough to impress people and to make it look like you’re a professional. So yeah, go with WordPress.

K: Yeah. It’s the gangster way to do it.

R: Exactly. Don’t spend any more time out than you have to because remember, the way your site looks is not the most important thing in terms of making profit.

K: That’s right.


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