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Episode 009: Other Keyword Research Tools

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The guys talk about a few software tools to help with keyword research.


R: If you’re interested in some other keyword research tools besides the Google Keyword tool, you’ve got some options. And a lot of people will use Market Samurai which is at, I think.

K: I think so.

R: Or also there’s Micro Niche Finder, which is at I like both of those tools to an extent. Personally, for the most part, I really just use the Google Keyword tool myself. I don’t really trust a lot of tools to do my work for me and what I prefer to do is build a big list of keywords and get thousands and thousands of keywords in there and then pair them down in like Microsoft Excel or something like that if you’re not using an in-house tool like something that we’ve developed for ourselves. I mean if you’re not -- yeah I mean play around with Market Samurai or Micro Niche Finders if you like those, but there’s nothing wrong with just throwing a whole ton of keywords in the Microsoft Excel straight out of Google Keyword tool because it takes a little while but I don’t find that the Market Samurai would save that much time either way.

K: Yeah. I also -- I mean make sure you don’t let those thing limit you because they’re not the end all be all and they’re not going to be perfect 100% of the time.

R: Yeah. I mean the whole thing is keyword research is something that should be ongoing but at the same time, for most sites, it’s a couple hours of hardcore keyword research that you want to spend and then you’re going to spend way more time on other things like promoting your site, building it out, creating content, all that stuff. So don’t skimp on the keyword research because it really is the most important step, and overall it doesn’t take that much time in comparison with a lot of the other stages. So there’s nothing wrong with doing it by hand just right out the Google Keyword tool.

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