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Episode 006: Outsource and Automate

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The guys try to convince you to outsource and automate everything possible.


K: Hello. And we’re back.

Alright, guys, the next gangster mentality that we want to talk about is “outsourcing” and “automation.”

R: Our two absolute favourite topics in probably all of business because they’re the best.

K: Basically, what you want to realize is that automation...bleh.

R: That’s gonna get edited. Maybe it won’t get edited, I don’t know.

K: At the end of the day, the way you make real money is by scaling up your ideas. Which means that if your idea depends on a lot of manual labor, you’re never gonna be able to scale it up, or the cost to scale it up is gonna be very high. However, this is the internet, and you could automate almost anything.

R: Yeah. You know, one of the cornerstones of what we do is building different types of ways to automate things. So, much like Dan Kennedy would say, you’ve got to create a system within your business. So, really...

What am I talking about?

K: It’s actually hard to piece together.

So, first of all, when we say that we’re gonna create a new network of a hundred different sites that are all similar, it’s not the case that we’re gonna sit down and actually code a hundred different sites. We’re gonna write the code once that is going to automatically populate all hundred sites according to some set of rules that we set up.

R: Yes, so in that case, we’re really creating one site. And people will say, “Oh, how did you possibly create a hundred sites? Like that’s insane, you know. I mean, these people that are working on 5 sites or 10 sites and trying their hardest to spread themselves across those, and then we go and create a 100 sites in 2 days, and then they’re like, “What the hell just happened?” Well, we really created one site, and then we duplicated it 99 more times.

K: Right, and similarly we try to use a shared platform for all of our sites, so that we can manage them all even more centrally. We tend to favor Wordpress pretty heavily.

We, basically, at this point, have got a fairly centralized, standard version of Wordpress that we use. And we look at that as a form of automation, it’s just something that has handled for all of our sites.

Furthermore, our link building for SEO is almost completely automated at this point. Pretty much every aspect of link building we have completely automated using a variety of automation tools. And the reason why is, if we didn’t, we would never be able to do the link building because it’s too much work.

R: Yeah. We wouldn’t be able to build that many links. And if we were building that many links, then we would have no time to actually work on the business. I mean, how is it that two guys can sit around in their apartment and be running multiple giant businesses all at the same time? Well, it’s because our computers are doing all the work silently in the background.

So, if you’re not thinking in terms of outsourcing and automation, then you’re not gonna really be able to succeed in this business because we can duplicate things. Once we’ve done it, and we’ve written down the steps specifically for how to accomplish something...very terms of something that a macro would be able to follow. So that, we sit down, we do something, we write it all out, and then we create a macro that just does it over and over and over again.

Or we create a program, like a ruby script or something, that just does it over and over and over again. And by doing that, we are replacing ourselves constantly within our own businesses, and we’re able to move on to the next project.

The other side of the coin is that if we are not able to automate it with a computer, then we hire someone, if it’s a high enough value task. Now, either if it requires some type of English speaking high level skills like a writer, or a call person to answer the phones, then we’ll hire someone from the US. If it doesn’t, then we’ll absolutely be hiring someone from probably the Philippines, potentially India, or one of the other countries that works for way lower pay wage.

K: Pay skill. Payment.

R: They work for less, they work for cheap sauce. Because you can get workers from India that are making a ridiculous salary compared to everyone else in their house, in their town, and they’re only earning 300-400 dollars a month. So we take advantage of that as much as possible, but that’s still much worse than just creating a script that runs for free all the time.

K: Yes. I think that is the biggest take away that we are trying to really hammer home here, which is that outsourcing is great, but outsourcing sucks compared to automation.

R: We hate outsourcing, compared with, you know...creating a script is the most elegant beautiful solution to everything.

K: Basically, if you’re gonna succeed, you need to be able to automate things yourself.

Yes, you might be able to outsource the actual task of an automation project...but most of the research we do would never be even feasible if we try to do it by hand. Cause oftentimes we’re doing research on tens or hundreds of thousands of things, if not millions of things, and while we’re trying to figure out what niche to launch next, sometimes we have to deal with obscene amounts of research, and without automation, it would never happen.

R: And the real key there is that we hate outsourcing in comparison to automation. And, we will absolutely refuse to do any kind of business that cannot, at the very least, be outsourced. So, you always need to be thinking in those terms.

If you have to do anything yourself, it’s probably not the best business that you could be in online. You know, how are you gonna scale that to a point where you can relieve yourself of those responsibilities? Because otherwise, how are you ever gonna be a multi-millionaire?

If you’re earning a certain dollar amount per hour doing those tasks, then that’s what you’re worth across the board. So, if you’re gonna enter into some kind of deal with yourself where you’re willing to work for that amount of money, then you’ll always gonna be trapped at that amount of pay.

So, you’ll always have to be thinking in terms of, “No, I’m worth way more than that. Potentially, the amount of earnings that I’m worth are infinite, maybe a billion dollars a year. So outsource, automate.” Never trap yourself within your business.

K: Yeah. And never do manual tasks unless you have to. Don’t write your own articles. I mean, really, you can find someone out there who gets paid a lot less than you do to write your articles.

Definitely, definitely, do not do backlinking yourself. There are thousands of people who know how to do backlinking and they’re cheap, but don’t even hire them because it can be automated.

R: Exactly. Automate it, no matter what. It’s always the best solution. If something can possibly be automated, figure it out, do it for yourself. If you need any help with creating macros, two of our favourite programs are “Win Automation,”, and U Bot Studio, which is at

K: I think its

R: Is it?

K: I’m not sure.

We’ll have the correct link on the page.

R: So check the sites out.

K: And also an incorrect link, it’s up to you to figure out which is which.

R: It’s gonna be a gamble. And furthermore, we’re gonna actually have full chats about both of those programs later on, so, I’m sure you’ll probably find those two.

K: Yeah, so just remember, if a business can’t be outsourced or automated, it’s a crappy business to be in. Meaning, if you think you’re gonna be a web designer, it’s not the business....

R: Yeah, just across the board. If you’re trying to be a web designer, you just failed. So move on to the next one because if you can’t automate it, then it’s not worth doing.

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