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Episode 003: Test!

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The guys explain the importance of testing every aspect of your business.


R: Alright. We’re back with another gangster mentality. This gangster mentality is basically called, “If you’re not testing, then you don’t know anything.”

K: That’s right.

Look, we can sit here and give you advice all day, and you should take it, because its right, but you should also test it. And really, whenever you have any idea, it’s hard to know whether it’s a winner or loser or somewhere in between, unless you test. And testing is a magical thing.

R: Testing is fantastic. It’s a lot of fun.

The best part of testing is that after you’ve tested, you really know, you have an answer to that problem that you’ve been tossing around in your head the whole time. And furthermore, you can go and tell your friends exactly what you’ve tested, and they will really respect that. People respect testing. There’s no response to, “Oh, well I read this on this message board,” when someone comes out and says, “I tested this on a hundred sites, and this is exactly what happened.”

K: Absolutely. You should test everything. You should test your pricing. If you are currently selling something for $19.95, and you have no clue how many people would have bought it if the price was $49.95, you could be throwing away tons of money. Or maybe dropping your price to only $8 would quadruple your sales.

R: Absolutely. You never know. Test your headlines. Split test everything. Change stuff around. Maybe your site would be better in red than in green. Or in blue rather than green. Or whatever. You know what I mean? You can change just about everything on the internet. And furthermore, just by split testing things on your own not be scared to just change stuff around.

I mean, generally, Google is ranking you way more based upon your backlinks and stuff like that, than it is based on whatever random words are showing up in your titles, things like that. So, don’t be scared from an SEO perspective to completely revamp your website a 100%.

K: Yeah, absolutely. You can test all kinds of things. You could test different logos, you could test different headlines, different...any term of service that you think might be contentious, you can test.

R: Yeah, I mean, this particularly comes into play with SEO because people are notorious for just taking other people’s advice in SEO and not actually using it, or not actually testing it themselves. Mainly because most people don’t have that many websites. And so, when you’re only building two websites, for one thing, you can’t even get a statistically significant test out of that. And for two, you don’t want to spend all your time testing when you want to be just making the best shot at making as much money as you can first time. So that’s why all of these forums are filled with people that have one or two websites, and keep saying all these things that they’ve heard from other people who actually test.

Well, I’ll tell you what, we run real tests, and the advice that we’re giving is based off the stuff that we do in real life. So, if you’re not testing, please don’t start spouting out information as if you really know what you’re talking about.

K: If you got a problem with your business, if you have any kind of debate, especially when two business founders have a debate about something, you need to just throw up your arms and say, “Let’s test.”

R: Exactly. I mean, if one of you cannot prove that you’re right or the other one is right or wrong, then you have to test it, basically. Or you just have to ignore it, one or the other. If it’s not important enough to test, then ignore it. And if it’s not...if you can’t ignore it, you have to test it.

K: Yeah, and you’ll be surprised as hell when you get the results of certain tests. You’ll be, like, “I cannot believe that that headline didn’t work.” Or, “Why is this weird headline working?” You’ll never know until you try.

R: It’s awesome. And the best part about testing is that once you’ve run a test, you have this information that’s so valuable over your competitors. Because the chances that they’ve run that test is slim to none. So, you’ve just created an advantage for yourself in the marketplace.

K: Test.

R: Learning is fun.

K: The more you know.


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