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Episode 001: Intro

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The guys introduce themselves and the Gangster Profit Business Show.


R: This is the Bobby and Kevin Showwww

K: It's the Bobby and Kevin Showwww


K: .com

R: .com

K: Alright. Well, hey, I'm Kevin

R: And I'm Bobby

K: This is uh, the Show

R: Yeah. This ain't yo mama's profits.

K: We are here to help make you money.

R: We're trying to add value to the universe.

K: Lots of value.

R: And we also like hearing the sound of our own voices...

K: Yes. We actually are wearing headphones right now, where I can hear myself loudly and clearly.

R: And sensually..

K: So I'm Kevin Bombino.

R: And I'm Bobby MacDonald.

K: We have been doing internet marketing for a good number of years at this point and we've kind of come to the point where we realize that we know way too much and we've gotta share that with you guys.

R: Yes. We go to, we go to in person meetups in different places and we find ourselves just talking constantly and not really asking any questions. And so at this point we felt like maybe we should just make some kind of a podcast or something, or like "radio show", to teach people so that they could come online and learn these things rather than just getting bits and pieces while we're there.

K: Yeah you know we really just feel like it's a shame that we go to these meetups and there will be like 30 or 40 people there, and we'll just literally dish out like gold, like thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of pure gold advice, and only like 30 people get to hear it, and 29 of those 30 people are like losers who aren't going to actually act on it anyway, so what we decided to do was hole ourselves up into a room and record into a box. And hopefully you'll listen to it and actually take the advice that we give and use it to make tons of money.

R: Yeah exactly. And furthermore, we have all these different things that we use very successfully in our business, like different tools and stuff like that, that we have but we could potentially offer to people for free or for charge, I don't even know what, but until we have some kind of you know, know that people are listening to us and checking out and like what we have to say, then we have no real way to get those products out to people. So we kind of just want to see if people are interested in what we're talking about. We know that they are on a local level, but we'd like to reach more people out there on the internet and just see if we can help some people out.

K: Yeah. I just want to make sure this is very loud and clear. This is not about helping you build an audience, or helping you build traffic, or teaching you about marketing. Well, we will cover all those things, but it's first and foremost about profit.

R: That's right. It's about making money. This is not about ranking #1 for some stupid ass term, or whatever, this is about actually having dollar bills in your bank account so it is not a problem to move into a luxurious mansion and pay for it all in cash.

K: Yes. And look, we're not like absurd people, we don't think that money is the end-all be-all, but the reality is that in this world, money is what's going to advance you out of the current shitty job that you're in, and into a situation where you no longer have a boss, you no longer have to wake up early in the morning, and you pretty much live your life the way you want to. Which is basically where we are finally at.

R: Yeah. I mean, I find that people in internet marketing are constantly bragging about the number of twitter followers they have or some other stupid crap like that. And it's like, you know what, we're all in this just to make money. And then really, I don't think that most of us would be doing this if we were... you know, completely... well, I don't know what I'm talking about here. Well, we probably would be building businesses even if we were rich, but we'd also probably be spending a lot more time on tropical islands and stuff like that.

K: Well, it's also like there's a reason that we have zero twitter followers now as of this first recording. It's that we, unlike a lot of these so-called gurus, we could not even bring ourselves to ask you to listen to us until we've actually done it ourselves. You know what I mean? If we weren't generating sales that were just in the, you know large amounts of sales, we would feel like assholes giving advice.

R: Yeah. I mean we've been doing this for years now, and it's been full-time income for years now, and at this point we have a whole lot of stuff to say that's of pretty high value we think. So, yeah. I don't, I don't even use Twitter...

K: No.

R: But we'll probably, we might set up a Twitter for this thing.

K: No, I'm not sure that we'll ever Tweet.

R: I don't, no I don't want to Tweet.

K: I don't think we're gonna Tweet.

R: I think it's retarded.


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